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Michigan's Best BBQ?


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Main Stage Schedule

12:15 Danza Quetzacoatl Azteca
1:00 Cooking Demo
1:45  Joyas de Mexico
3:00 Azteca Ceremonial Dancers
5:45 El Charrito
6:30 Nora Yvelle

7:00 LUNA
8:00 Pancho Villa's Skull
9:30 The SANTANA Project

South Stage

1:00 Mark Reitinga
2:30 Matt Bastardson

3:30 Nu Strategy
5:30 Polyesta Playaz
8:45 To Be Announced


12:30 Lucha Libre
Azteca Boxing
3:00 Lucha Libre
4:45 Lucha Libre
6:30 Lucha Libre


exploring the arts and culture of Pontiac and the surrounding communities. Our festival promises to be a vibrant and dynamic experience, featuring a diverse lineup of artists, interactive installations, food vendors, and more.

Plan An Unforgettable Saturday




Pontiac Festival of the Arts: A Colorful Tapestry of Artistic Expression and Cultural Diversity

PONTIAC, MICHIGAN - [August 31, 2023] - The city of Pontiac is proud to announce the eagerly awaited "Pontiac Festival of the Arts," set to take place on Saturday September 16th, in the heart of historic downtown Pontiac, Michigan. This vibrant event promises to be an unforgettable celebration of art, culture, and creativity, showcasing an incredible array of artistic disciplines, including visual, performing, and culinary arts. The festivities will also embrace and honor Mexican Independence Day and Latin culture, making it an even more enriching experience.

The Pontiac Festival of the Arts will serve as a testament to the city's steadfast commitment to nurturing a flourishing arts community and promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity. With an aim to bring people together, this dynamic event promises to be a true reflection of the city's thriving artistic spirit and vibrant cultural tapestry.

Visitors to the festival can expect a kaleidoscope of colors, sights, and sounds as they immerse themselves in this diverse world of art. Talented artists from Pontiac and the surrounding communities will proudly present their masterpieces, providing a unique opportunity for attendees to witness the creative brilliance that Pontiac has to offer.

The visual arts section will boast a stunning collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media pieces, including a live exhibition of street art by Andrew Valdez, “the Hood Picasso”, allowing attendees to explore a myriad of artistic visions.

Meanwhile, the performing arts segment will feature captivating live musical performances, headlined by the Santana Project, Poncho Villa’s Skull and Sean Blackman. There will also be an exhibition of the artful Lucha Libre wrestling courtesy of the IBW federation. Dance, theater, and spoken word artists round out the entertainment line-up and promise to captivate audiences of all ages.

No celebration of culture is complete without the tantalizing flavors of diverse cuisines. The culinary arts component will showcase a delectable assortment of dishes, reflecting the rich culinary heritage of various cultures. From traditional Mexican delights to other Latin and American favorites, the festival will also feature a BBQ showdown featuring 6 of the area’s top Pit-Masters competing for a $1000 prize and the “Michigan’s Best BBQ” title and bragging rights. The festival's food vendors are certain to provide a feast for everyone’s taste buds.

Beyond the artistic and culinary splendors, the Pontiac Festival of the Arts will provide a platform to honor Mexican Independence Day, an essential date in Mexican history, and celebrate the vibrant contributions of Latin culture to the community. Attendees can expect special performances, demonstrations, and cultural exhibitions that pay homage to this significant heritage.

"The Pontiac Festival of the Arts is a testament to the creativity and diversity that defines our city," said Mayor Tim Greimel. "We are thrilled to welcome everyone to this rich tapestry of artistic expression, where the community comes together to celebrate the arts and the vibrant cultures that enrich our lives."

Local businesses, artists, and community organizations have joined hands to make the event possible, displaying their unwavering support for the growth and enrichment of Pontiac's arts scene. The festival organizers also express their gratitude to the City of Pontiac for its enthusiastic endorsement and cooperation.


Don't miss this incredible opportunity to witness the magic of the arts and experience the richness of cultural diversity on display at the Pontiac Festival of the Arts. The event will be held on September 16th, 2023, in historic downtown Pontiac, Michigan. Mark your calendars and join us for a day filled with creativity, joy, and celebration.

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